Food: Target Technologies & Descriptions

In this category, I will list some of the technologies that can produce food (both vegetable and animal) in an urban environment with limited space available.

Target technologies include:

Permaculture (in pots)

Permaculture is a cultivation method which applies low impact techniques in order to grow vegetables without the use of pesticides, herbicides, additional soil fertilizer and reduces waste streams.


Hydroponics is a cultivation method which doesn’t require soil and uses a nutrient-rich water solution to promote plant growth. It also conserves water compared to traditional soil-based cultivation methods.


Bioponics is a cultivation method similar to hydroponics, but using an organic nutrient solution which can be commercial or derived from composting methods.


Aquaponics is a cultivation and growing method that raises edible fish and vegetables simultaneously without soil, using natural bacterial cycles to convert the fish waste into plant fertilizer while also conserving water.


Anthroponics is a cultivation and wastewater treatment method that safely grows edible vegetables from human biowaste such as urine, without the need for soil and also conserving water.

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