Energy: Target Technologies & Descriptions

In this category, I will list some of the technologies that convert energy from one (unusable) form to a usable form in human environments.

Target technologies include:

Solar Stirling Engine

A solar stirling engine is a machine that concentrates the sun’s radiation through a parabolic reflector to a point of a stirling engine. As this point heats up, there is a heat differential, and air (or other gas) is compressed so that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work.

Microbial Fuel Cells

A microbial fuel cell is a system that uses bacteria or other microorganisms to drive an electrical current.

Wind Turbines

A wind turbine is a machine that rotates as wind flows through it, converting the wind energy first into mechanical work, which drives a generator and produces electricity.

Dinamo powered Generators

A dinamo powered generator is a machine that uses human mechanical work (or can be attached to other moving objects) and converts it into electricity.

Gravity fed Rainwater Generator

A gravity-fed rainwater generator is a machine that will collect rainwater in an elevated reservoir (with potential energy), and when the water is used it will flow through gravity through a generator to produce electricity.

Aluminium Can Solar Heaters

An aluminium can solar heater is a machine which re-uses aluminium cans by cutting and placing them into long tubes, painted black, so that they can absorb the sun’s radiation and transfer the heat into a fluid (air or water) going through the tubes.


A windbelt is a machine which uses the principle of aeroelastic flutter to trasnfer wind energy into a vibrating belt that is attached to a generator to produce electricity.

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