If you want to see how to build our target technologies or purchase the existing equivalent products, click on the OikoSol tab and select the category you would like.

If you want to contribute to Oikosol and help bring our vision to life, you can reach us in these public platforms:

Official Discussion Platform: /r/OikoSol (

Official Blueprint Submission Platform (

If you already have an idea of an instruction you would like to make or to edit an existing one, you can use our Soleco template (.ODT file) to get started. Before you get started, please check our Design Guidelines for learning about good design practices.

List of Target Technologies and Descriptions

One thought on “Tools

  1. Earth Prime Inc designs sustainability tech including Bioponics, Vertical Hydroponics, Vermi-composting and soon the Smart Phone App to control your hydroponic gardens. You guys seem like a great place to network and show some of the concepts we have in mind such as a secondary garbage disposal or outdoor mulcher for automated composting that directly feeds Vertical Hydroponic systems.

    Would love to talk more about how we can bring Food Fountain Cabanas that pays for itself, virtually wherever you are in the world, just outside (and even inside) your door.

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