Instruction template and list of target technologies added

We have just updated our Contribute! page with the first instruction template (Soleco v.1) and a list of target technologies.

The Soleco template was inspired by IKEA’s instructions, with an added functionality of listing changes  done by contributors. Anyone can now take that template and start creating instructions for one of the target technologies (for example, a mini-wind turbine), submit it in our subreddit and enable others to improve on that design. Alternatively, you can submit an improved version of the Soleco template if you find that it’s lacking something important.

The list of target technologies is a temporary list of some of the key technologies that we find might be suitable to be open-sourced and integrated into existing houses. This list is a work-in-progress and will continue to be updated if someone suggests a technology we overlooked. The goal of these technologies on the list is to enable existing houses and apartments to gain more independence in their energy supply, their food supply, their water supply, their waste treatment and in their soft-transport habilities.